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Are You Looking for Stem Cell Doctor or Clinic?

Nowadays, people are always looking for suitable stem cell therapy clinics to take their treatment. Therefore, most of the clinics try to advertise about stem cell therapy while promoting their clinics.

All these doctors and clinics often claim that they can cure Parkinson’s disease or COPD by using stem cell injection but is there any evidence? You just cannot take their word for granted.

Therefore, if you are looking for any doctor or a clinic for stem cell then following are few things to be verified before submitting yourself for treatment.

  • Doctor must be board certified

You must make sure that a doctor present in the clinic who is going to treat you is certified by the board in IROM-C which is governed by American association called AAOM. This will ensure that doctor is having best standard of proficiency.

  • Success story of patients

Also, ensure that the clinic has enough number of success stories and the procedure that they adopt to treat their patients are quite effective. You must verify from the patients if any claim is made by the clinic.

  • Maximum return of your money

The expense for such treatment can be quite high and therefore, before you choose your clinic, you must ensure that you will get the right procedure that will have high volume of autologous stem cells.

  • Dedicated medical clinic

Check that the clinic that you have chosen for stem cell treatment is run by team of dedicated doctors rather than just as Chiropractic or Acupuncturist clinic.

Also, there are few Franchise clinics available which generally hires doctors and nurses who are not so well trained.

  • Doctor must have got extensive training

It is very important that the doctors who will be involved for your treatments have undergone extensive training in fellowship as well as residency practices for at least for 5 years in this field.

  • Doctor trained in prolotherapy techniques

Make sure that the doctor has got extensively training in prolotherapy technique for treating entire joint, rather than rudimentary intra-articular injection,

  • Whether stem cells taken from umbilical cords

It is also important to know the Stem Cells type will be used for treatment. Also, it must be done after verifying from an independent lab analysis to ensure that the highest and best Stem cell concentration is used.

Usually, the best quality as well as quantity of Stem Cells can usually be derived from our Umbilical Cord. So, you must avoid clinics that only use either Amniotic Stem-Cells or Bone Marrow Stem-Cells.

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