CBD JUUL Pods: Taking the CBD Vape Experience to the Next Level

If you are a CBD lover, you have probably heard of the electronic vaporizer called JUUL used for smoking tobacco and nicotine products. A lot of cannabis and CBD brands today are offering their oils in JUUL. CBD JUUL pods improve a person’s CBD vape experience. They are compatible with everybody’s favorite pod battery. Every CBD pod is available in different fruity flavor options.

Traditionally, people vape CBD from a 510 thread battery, which is longer than a pod system battery. CBD pods let vapers enjoy their vape sessions more conveniently because pod system batteries are much smaller in size.

Why People Buy CBD JUUL Pods?

CBD JUUL pods are available in various brands that sell their CBD vape in the form of a JUUL pod. One of the reasons people prefer to consume CBD through a JUUL pod is to cut the nicotine habit by utilizing something such as CBD, a non-additive and non-psychoactive substance but can still be vaped by those who crave the fixation of smoking. Many people report that CBD helps relieve their pain and bodily inflammation, as well as improve their sleep quality and mental clarity. But, since these claims are most backed with preliminary animal research, they must not be taken as anything definitive.

The benefit of smoking CBD by using a vape instead of consuming the oil is that vaping kicks in more quickly. The delicate membranes of the mouth absorb vaporized CBD, so it reaches the bloodstream quickly. Those who ingest an oil tincture could feel the effects after an hour of ingesting it because it has to work its way through the stomach and gastrointestinal tract.

Earth E CBD Organic Pods

CBD Organic Pods from Earth E come in a 2-pack and every pod has 100 mg of high-quality CBD concentrate. Consumers can pick from dozens of delicious flavors such as orange, grape, and blueberry.  For those who are trying to kick the nicotine habit, these pods are mild on the cannabinoid content and they can find a flavor that tastes great and works best for them. Using Earth vape lets users satisfy their CBD needs throughout the day without carrying around several vaping devices.

In addition, CBD JUUL compatible vape pods easily snap into one’s JUUL device, ensuring users can enjoy the perfect amount of vapor per puff. Every pod has an ample amount of vape juice so users don’t have to switch out pods many times throughout the day.

How CBD JUUL Pods Work

CBD JUUL pods are designed to contain a fixed amount of oil or e-liquid and discarded when empty. They can be simply snapped into the bottom of the JUUL and taken out when done. Every pod has a small coil with a wicking material for absorbing the vaporization’s content. When absorbed into the wick, a metal coil heats up the material and turn the oil or e-liquid into an aerosol which carries the CBD into the lungs. The effects a user will experience from the JUUL pods depend on the CBD concentration, the amount they vape, and the oil’s quality.

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