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How Often Should You Change Your Sponges

Sponges are our best friend when it comes to cleaning.

We all have our shower routines. We shampoo and condition our hair. We shave our legs and armpits. We cleanse our skin using body wash and a bath sponge.

Why you should love bath sponges

Bath sponges are amazing items to have as part of your shower routine because it allows for a beautiful combination of skin exfoliation and a light massage. Bath sponges are able to get rid of all that dead skin that otherwise would just stay on the surface of our skin. Some other benefits that they offer include enhancing your blood circulation!

The side effects of holding onto a sponge for too long

But while we all love bath sponges, it is actually a negative decision to hold on to one for too long! In fact, dermatologists recommend that the bath sponges should be swapped out at least once every two months. This is because they are actually a horrible trap for tiny little organisms that can do damage to your skin and cause you to get things like infections and rashes!

The solutions for your sponges

However, there are a range of solutions that you can enact to ensure that your bath sponges stay nice and clean and protect your skin, like they were designed to do!

  1.       Purchase from reputable brands.

There are a lot of different types of bath sponges that you can invest in. Some are extremely cheap but are not  made with natural materials. Then you have other brands who make beautiful bath sponges designed with skin in mind and use only natural recourses to design the bath sponge! Investing in a bath scrub that you have done research on is always a great solution, as it means that the results you will get will probably be better!

  1.       Take a hot and steamy shower

Steam is really good to kill off any unwanted bacteria or germs. So when you take a hot steamy shower and use your bath sponge at the same time, you are also giving the sponge itself a nice little cleanse! This means that you can keep your bath sponge for longer! You should also make cleaning your bath sponge part of your daily shower routine. A little bit of work has big pay offs in the end and your sponge will undoubtedly remain healthy for longer.

  1.       Replace your sponge, frequently

While not all bath sponges are made the same or cost the same, they all are replaceable and affordable!   It is recommended by many to replace your bath sponge at least every other month. Even if you do have good cleaning habits and take extra care to look after your sponge, you don’t want to risk it becoming a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria that can hurt your skin.

  1.       Take extra care of your sponge and skin

It is recommended that if you clean your sponge at least once a week, it will last longer. This means ensuing that it has a place to hang that it can actually dry and also clean it with diluted water every other week. But in addition to looking after your sponge, make sure to look after your skin too! For example, if you have just shaven, don’t use your sponge right after as your skin will be ultra sensitive and provides sneaky bacteria from sneaking into your skin even if you take good care of your bath sponge!

Overall, your bath sponge should be changed on average at least every other month. But many people like to play it safe and change it out every singe month, no matter how high quality of a bath sponge they have!

So look after your bath sponge, look after your skin and happy scrubbing!  

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