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The Importance of Maintaining Dental Hygiene

Most people do not know how important dental hygiene is. Most dentist Double Bay recommend following a healthy routine to maintain the condition of their teeth and gums. Some think all they have to do is brush their teeth, floss once a day and then go to the dentist every six months to clean. That couldn’t be further from the truth! To have good overall health, one has to maintain good dental hygiene. What many fail to understand is that many things cause diseases in the mouth. Some of these include plaque build-up, harmful bacteria build-up, certain foods containing sugar and other food particles stuck in between one’s teeth. The two leading causes of tooth decay are not brushing the teeth well enough and consuming too much sugar or sugary foods. 

Practising good dental hygiene is very easy. One thing to remember is that if one wants teeth free of cavities, the teeth must be brushed well after every meal. Nowadays, it seems people don’t want to floss their teeth due to the inconvenience of having to pull out the floss, finding a container in which to put the floss, getting it out of its container and then putting it back in the container. However, these are all necessary steps to take to keep teeth healthy. 

Flossing is not only crucial for removing plaque off one’s teeth, but it also removes dirt that gets stuck between the teeth. Nothing can be more embarrassing than having to remove a piece of food or another particle from between the teeth in public! One cannot avoid all foods that contain sugars, as many foods such as fruits and vegetables do not. However, if one is concerned about cavities, it is always best to brush well after consuming those foods. 

The first thing people should do when they get up in the morning is to brush their teeth. People should do this first thing in the morning because many times throughout the night, food particles are stuck between one’s teeth, and these are not removed by simply brushing before bedtime. In addition, one needs to brush their tongue since it acts like a broom to sweep away food particles off the teeth. 

When at school or work, one should always keep a toothbrush handy to brush upon leaving those places. One should also try to avoid eating certain foods, for example, foods containing sugars. 

One of the most important things about good dental hygiene is essential that if someone waits until they get sick to practice good dental hygiene, they will be looking at months of recovery time. Therefore, the sooner one begins to practice good dental hygiene; The better off one will be. 

The practice of good dental hygiene also promotes the overall health of one’s body. For example, it is always easier to fight off infections when one’s oral cavity is healthy than when particles are stuck in between one’s teeth. Therefore, it stands to reason that one must practice good dental hygiene if one wants to live a healthy life. 

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