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What Are the Best Massage Guns For Athletes

When it comes to finding the best massage guns for athletes, it comes down to being able to find the one that is most successful in preventing tight muscles and speeding up the recovery process form a workout.

No matter what level of an athlete you might be, we all have muscles that we need to care for. That is where percussive massage guns come into the conversation, as they are legendary at being able to help out muscles stay loose, prevent soreness and ensure they are recovered for peak performance the very next day.

These massage guns are similar to another massage product known as foam rollers. Except the difference is that massage guns allow athletes to target specific muscle groups that may be extra sore or overworked, and also help prevent them from getting injured.

The massage gun is amazing for muscle recovery because it is able to quickly speed up blood circulation in a specific area and also activate the nervous system. After using the massage gun, an athlete’s body will be well primed to compete at the highest level it is able to achieve!

When it comes to getting a massage gun, it is important to first understand the goal you want to achieve and how the actual recovery tool works. Too many athletes don’t understand the process that goes into the massage gun and therefore is not able to make an educated decision. The last thing you’d want is to instead end up getting a massage gun that is too intense and bruises your muscles, rather than recovering them!

To help you decide what massage guns are best for athletes, here is a list of factors to help you decide.

  1. A multi-speed option

Massage guns that have multi-speed options are the best overall because they are able to recover muscles for basically any person in general. When there are multiple speeds to choose from, the athlete can ensure that the massage gun won’t overdo it and injure them instead. Plus, these types of massage guns are able to get larger groups of muscles and with much less noise involved!

  1. One for the average athlete

If you are more of a casual athlete, then you want a massage gun that has a lower intensity level setting. This is because it is likely that your muscles will be of a different muscle mass and not need as deep of a reaction from the massage gun. This also means that the massage gun doesn’t have to go as deep into the muscles. The biggest perk of this type of massage gun is that it is able to stay charged up for much longer because bigger jolts are not needed as much. So less recharging for you!

  1. Aesthetically pleasing guns

Designs are important for massage guns, especially if you are an elite level athlete that has a reputation to uphold! Massage guns that offer a range of tips generally enable you to attack all your muscle groups, especially those that are normally hard to reach on yourself. But one of the things to keep in mind with these types of massage guns is that while they are designed beautifully and reach all your muscle areas, they tend to be a bit noisier than others!

  1. Athletes on a budget

If you aren’t a professional athlete in the NFL or NBA, chances are that you are on a tight budget. And that’s okay, because you can still get access to a massage gun. It just means that you will need to go for a budget-friendly option. And there are plenty of those to go around! While the batteries on these budget-friendly massage guns don’t last as long and are generally a bit louder when you are using them, the end goal is still the same—and they are able to attack the muscle groups that need some extra love in the recovery process. So don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to ensure your muscles are well looked after.

  1. One that you can take on the road

As an athlete, you will be traveling quite a bit for competitions. Luckily, there is a range of massage guns that are easy to take on the road with you and are designed to be portable!  They will come with their own traveling cases and charger, so you can use the massage gun in your hotel room or bring it with you to the competition itself!

Massage guns for athletes are an essential tool for ensuring the recovery process is handled correctly. There is a range of options out there for athletes to choose from, and at the end of the day, these massage guns all do the same job of ensuring that athletes can reach their peak performance in the sport that they love and train so hard to be competitive in!


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