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Do You Have Hyper-Pigmented Skin That Is Causing You Emotional Pain?

Most of us are familiar with freckles and moles. They are natural and are accepted as part of our appearance. Unfortunately, some people suffer in silence from hyper-pigmentation problems such as Melasma. This type of skin pigmentation tends to affect parts of the face, and often looks a butterfly-shaped marking that is very noticeable due to the fact that it is darker than the surrounding skin. Imagine that all of the freckles on your face have gathered into one concentrated spot, and this describes what melisma may be like for people who have it.

Why Is Melasma a Problem?

Though not a problem in and of itself, Melasma can certainly affect the way that someone feels. It can affect the way that they feel in public and around other people, perhaps even causing them to become withdrawn from society and to choose their social occasions very carefully. In the worst cases, it may even cause depression. For many such people, simply covering up the Melasma with thick layers of foundation is not a great option.

Typically, Melasma affects the following people:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • People who have a genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal changes due to medication such as the oral contraceptive pill

Many people who suffer from Melasma and other such uneven skin tones find that as they get older, the pigmentation becomes more pronounced. This unevenness in skin tone may cause the person to look older than they actually are, thus causing them further emotional suffering.

Can Melasma Be Addressed?

Even though Melasma is a condition that is not life-threatening or painful in any way, it can certainly have negative effect on a person’s sense of self-esteem. In this sense, it is worth knowing how Melasma can either be minimised or addressed to the point that it is not a problem for the person, as well as where to remove pigmentation spots in Singapore.

The good news is that Melasma and other such pigmentation issues can be reduced significantly through the following treatments:

  • Laser: Careful treatment by precise lasers can reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This treatment is especially useful in cases when the pigmentation does not penetrate the skin layers very
  • Cream: Special Hydroquinone creams can reduce the look of Melasma and other pigmentation problems and may even eliminate them This has the effect of lightening the skin.

Melasma is a common problem for many people and can cause serious self-esteem issues. In some cases, it can even result in the type of anxiety that can lead to depression. The good news is that many cases of Melasma can either be reduced or eliminated.

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