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Restore Your Youth and Hormony With Acides Hyaluroniques Medecin Injecteur

Hyaluronidase refers to an enzyme used in medicine to soften hyaluronic acid. It accelerates the hyaluronic acid natural disintegration as it is injected under the skin. It is an active ingredient suitable for many injections that helps in giving volume to the face, lips or even to fill wrinkles.

Treatments with hyaluronic acid are best done by an experienced and qualified injector. However, note that there is no cosmetic medical treatment that is just one-shot and is foolproof. There is a need to accept the facts that even the most experienced and skilled physicians cannot assure great results. Look for a certified and experienced acides hyaluroniques medecin injecteur so that you are ensured of positive results.

Why use hyaluronidase?

The prominence of fillers has steadily increased and this is owing to their effectiveness in filling the facial volume losses and wrinkles, thereby improving the face overall shape. The plastic surgeons and Physicians gain more skills constantly and they improve the skill to restore harmony and youth to the face. In fact, patients between the ages of 18 to 90 years can use this method.

There are serious side effects, but they are very rare.  A patient may consider removing hyaluronic acid for reasons such as:

  • Too much is injected offering too much volume.
  • The product is not symmetrically injected or is not injected identically on the face both sides.
  • The patient feels under the skin a ball of excess of the product.

The hyaluronic acid varies with each patient and the same is with the duration and the effect as well. The hyaluronic acid injection normally lasts into the nasolabial folds for 8 to 12 months and shorter in the lips as this is an area that is highly mobile. This hyaluronic acid may be applicable to reduce wrinkles or even to increase volumes.

Patients injected for lips may find it is too much in excess and this may be an afterthought. Though it gets absorbed, there is no need to wait for months and so if any patient is considering reducing the volume, the solution is the hyaluronic acid injection.

Treatment with hyaluronidase

It is not essential to wait after an injection very long to see a stable result. Generally, once injected with hyaluronic acid it takes around 20% volume through hydration effect. However, after 2 weeks, you can see stable volume. In case there is dissatisfaction even after some time, considering with hyaluronidase treatment recourse is possible.

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