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Numerous Benefits of Epsom Salt Make it a Healthy Bath Option

Sea salts are very famous in many countries. Tribal people used sea salt on their wounds and sores to get some relief. They mixed salt in hot water and soaked a clean cloth in it. Then the damp cloth was applied on the painful area. Within minutes, it gave them relief. So, one thing is sure, to make maximum therapeutic use of salt it has to be mixed in hot water.

When a person is back from a hectic schedule, they prefer taking a hot water bath. This gives them tremendous relief from back, neck and leg pain. To add some extra benefit to it, they add salt which has certain characteristics of healing from pain and relieving stress. Even in salon during pedicure, a special type of salt is added which isn’t table salt that we eat regularly.

Epsom salt is composed of sulfur, magnesium and oxygen. It was found in Epsom, England. People dissolve Epsom salt in hot water tub and soak their body in it for 15 to 20 minutes. It gives your body immense relief from pain and stress.

Here are some benefits of it –

  • When magnesium reduces in the body it increases the adrenaline level. Magnesium content when absorbed by the body calms the mind and body.
  • It helps in proper functioning of muscles, enzymes and nerves.
  • It improves blood circulation that prevents any kind of heart ailment. This means that sudden heart attacks, blood clotting are reduced.
  • Adequate amount of magnesium and sulfur increases the efficiency of insulin in our body. This reduces the chances of diabetes.

  • This salt increases water level in intestine when taken orally which means, colon cleaning is easier, thereby reducing constipation.
  • Epsom helps in removing toxins from body which eases muscle ache and removes harmful elements from body.

Here are few applications of Epsom in daily life –

  • If you have athlete’s foot, it can help you in getting relief if you soak in it in warm water mixed with Epsom.
  • Splinters can be removed if the affected area is soaked in Epsom water.
  • Toenail fungus is treated with Epsom if soaked thrice daily.
  • Add few cups of salt in water to reduce bruises, pain and swelling.
  • Rubbing Epsom all over on wet body, removes dead skin and softens it.
  • It also works as skin cleanser if you wash your face with cold water and Epsom.
  • It helps remove foot odor if you immerse your feet in hot water and Epsom.
  • Leaving it on hair for 20 minutes mixed with conditioner, adds volume to hair.

It is always suggested to people who suffer with high BP, diabetes, kidney and heart problem to avoid using this salt. However, those who aren’t suffering with such ailment will always find this salt very soothing.

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