Every business owner should focus on advertising on Instagram. Let’s see why

The social platform Instagram was created in 2010 and since its development the app has grown into the ultimate platform not only for sharing photos and videos but for achieving business-related goals as well. Statistics show that the social platform is being visited by more than 1 billion active users each month. Around 500 million photos and videos are posted on Instagram every day which makes the platform a networking space where each user is able to search and find content related to a variety of different niches.

Instagram is the perfect place where you can keep in touch with your friends and relatives, there you can also share special moments of your life, however the last few years Instagram gained popularity for being an amazing place for business representatives as well. There are users with a massive number of followers and if you are a business owner, with the right strategy you can be an influential brand as well.

There are many factors that you need to cover in order to gain popularity on the social platform – for example you should give your audience the content they would like to see, but of course, first you need to build and establish your own audience. In order to do so, in this article we have prepared a few powerful tips and tricks that will help you to develop your Instagram correctly alongside building a massive following count. You should know that this takes time and effort , but there is always a shortcut – for instance since Instagram exists ,there are companies that provide boosting services for the social platform and you have the opportunity to buy real followers on Instagram instead of taking time to gain them organically.

However, if you decide to grow both your followers and your online presence on Instagram organically, let’s have a look at the tactics we have collected in this article that will help you to gain popularity and build awareness for your brand on the social platform.

  • The first step is to set your Instagram page as a business account. If you are a new user on Instagram, you might not be aware that the social platform provides its users the option to choose whether to set their accounts for personal usage or as a business page. If you have already set up your account as a personal one, do not worry, it is quite easy to change the settings and convert your profile as a business page. In order to do this you should navigate to Settings ➡️ Account ➡️ Switch to a Business account. However, if you would like to keep your existing Instagram account only for personal usage, you can create a brand new business account and run both accounts at the same time, because Instagram supports the usage of multiple accounts. The best part is that you will have access to all your accounts with just one click.

  • There are definitely some benefits of having a business account rather than a personal one. For example, if you run a business account instead of a personal page your audience will have access to a contact button from where they can directly get in touch with you straight from your Instagram page. You will also be able to create and run Instagram ads without having to use Facebook advertising features. Another advantage of having your Instagram account set up as a business page is that you have access to the analytic tools of Instagram, called Insights where you can receive information regarding the impression and the reach of your publications. With all of the information above, now you are ready to use your business account correctly in order to track your metrics alongside understanding your audience.

  • The next tip we are going to discuss is how collaborating with other brands and influencers can help you grow both your brand and your Instagram account. If you would like to expand your reach on the social platform and to discover users that can be potential customers, the fastest and proven way is by working together with influencers and popular brands that have already have their established audience. Statistics show that more and more people started buying goods and services based on what they see in their Instagram feed from the influencers they follow, because they trust them. If you manage to find an influencer that is closely related to your niche, by collaborating with this person, you have the chance to get your brand out in front of this influencer audience. However, in order to achieve success with this tactic, first you should do some research and find out the people that have an audience that would be interested in buying your product.

  • Keep your followers engaged with the usage of Instagram stories. The social platform Instagram supports a tool called Instagram story that allows the users of the mobile app to post both images and videos in a slideshow format. This type of content is visible for the other users for just 24 hours and after this period these posts vanish automatically. You can benefit from the usage of this tool because many social media experts share the same opinion that a story can bring lots of traffic to your account not only from people that are already following you but also this tool attracts new people that will probably check your account after seeing your story. Instagram also supports many interesting and attractive filters, stickers and emojis that can make your Instagram story even more interesting and eye catching.

Last few years Instagram gained so much popularity that we can confidently declare that the social networking site has dominated the social media world. Instagram is the new home not only for brands and celebrities but for all of us regular people as well. The mobile app has the potential to make each and every one popular; however this cannot happen by itself, users also need to take time, hard work and effort. We hope that the tips we spoke about in this article will help you through your Instagram journey! Have fun!

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