How are Atta noodles different from Regular noodles?

One of the most popular cuisines in India apart from the Indian cuisine has to be Chinese. Indians love the spicy flavours that come with it. Noodles, especially instant noodles are extremely popular in India as evening snacks and late-night meals. Highly popular with children and youngsters, most instant noodles are made with Maida. But there is an Atta/ wheat variant to this popular snack too. Why does this variant exist and what is the difference between the two types? Read to find out.

The difference between Atta and Maida

To understand the difference between Atta noodles and Maida noodles, one needs to know the difference between Atta and Maida. Atta is coarse wheat flour that contains a high amount of natural fibres, vitamins, and minerals. Whereas Maida is made from the endosperm part of a whole wheat grain. Hence it is more refined but does not contain as many nutrients. In general Maida is considered to be high in calorie content when compared to wheat.

Nonetheless, Maida noodles are the traditional way instant noodles have been made and they are still a favourite of consumers. Maida is healthy to consume as a snack occasionally, but it is not the best product to consume if you are extremely health conscious. This is where Atta noodles can be a favourable choice.

Other than the Maida and Atta difference, and the inclusion of vegetable chunks, both kinds of noodles are essentially the same and require the same preparation time as well.

What are the best Atta noodles in the market?

Atta noodles are made of whole wheat flour and contain more nutrition. Hence, they are not only tasty as snacks but are also enriching. There are many instant Atta noodles available in the market. Sunfeast YiPPe! Power up Atta Noodles are one of the top atta noodles in the Indian market. Made from the same technology that makes Aashirvaad Atta, these noodles contain all the important natural high fibres, vitamins and minerals. Along with the goodness of whole wheat, these noodles also contain some real vegetables in the spice mix that add more nutritional value to Atta noodles.

Recipe ideas for Atta noodles

You can change the taste and add your own touch to these instant noodles to make it your own too! Adding an egg to these noodles or some extra veggies can make a bowl of Atta noodles healthier and will keep you full for longer. If you love spicy noodles and soya sauce, you can also add soya sauce and some chilli sauce for that extra zing! These noodles can also be used as fillings inside samosas and rolls. They can also be used as toppings on pizzas.

Your bowl of instant noodles can also be made into fritters for a crunchy afternoon snack or added as a filling to your homemade burger!

And if you love paneer, you can also add in some stir fried paneer and veggies or Paneer Bhurji to your YiPPe! Power up Atta Noodles for a nourishing meal. Mushroom is another ingredient you can add to your atta noodles to elevate your bowl of goodness! Choose Atta noodles today if you want a healthier life!

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