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Benefits and Tips to Enjoy Intimate Couples Massage

Couples massage has become very popular spa service. Both partners are massaged at the same time in the same room by two different masseurs. Couples can be girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, moms and daughters, best friends, or same sex partners. It is also called duet massage or duo massage.

In a room, there are two massage tables. The setup is like a day spa. Alternatively, hotel and resort spas create elaborate environment, where both don’t just get treatment side-by-side but even get pedicure and bath together. They even spend together time in steam shower or after treatment lounge by the fireplace.

Forfaits spa pour les couples [spa packages for couples] are very much in demand.

Benefits of duo massage

When lovers are in their early romance phase and cannot bear the distance, couples’ massage is one good alternative. In several spa facilities, couples’ treatments have been specifically designed for romance like spending time together in a tub with rose petals, champagne bottle with chocolate & strawberries, and lounging by the fireplace, after treatment. Actually, couples are playing for their privacy in a room with romantic setting.

Unique valentine or anniversary gift for husband and wife. They can spend crucial alone time together and do something different rather than planning a candle light dinner. It will be more relaxing than going to a movie or dinner.

Mom and daughter or two friends may not have time to spend much together, so they can opt for duo massage. They can communicate during the massage because you make the rules. The therapist just follows your instructions.

Few etiquettes for couples’ massage

Never be late

Spa experience is aimed to reduce stress. If you get delayed or arrive on-time then anxiety and tension increases. Therefore, arrive early prior your scheduled time. You can benefit from the amenities like Jacuzzi, steam rooms, and tranquillity lounges.

Plan massage together

Forget issues and relax

Connect with your spouse for intimate couple’s massage experience. Forget work and personal issues, keep your mobile in the locker, and appreciate the massage service together.

It is necessary to demonstrate that you are happy sharing personal space with your partner. In addition, make sure to feel totally calm in their presence.

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