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Tips And Guidelines For Buying Eyewear Products For Kids

Parents are always worried about the health and the well-being of their children, especially when it comes to taking care of one’s eyes. Sometimes, it might get really confusing to decide which frame or lens must be chosen while going into an optical store. Here’s a guide on how to decide which eyewear frame or glass you should choose for your child.

The thickness of the lens

If the optician that you consulted to tells that the thickness of the lens must be more, it is important that the frame of the glass is kept small. This would help in the reduction of the final thickness o the lens. The lens which is small tends to have few higher-order aberrations in the edges. Therefore, the risk of distorted or blurred vision is dealt with.

Metal or plastic?

The common dilemma that customers are countered with is- “When I visited an eye care near me, I was confused about choosing the metal frame are the plastic one?”. Hence in order to settle this confusion, metal frame might prove to be a better option most of the times. This is because the children are tended to play and jump around, a plastic frame could easily break down in such practices, while the metal frame could survive all this roughness and its longevity can be increased.

The bridge fit

The frame that you chose for your child must also go well with the shape of the nose of your child. Glasses with proper bridge fit, does not slide down the nose and give comfort to the children. Therefore, the frame that you chose must be checked thoroughly and any gap between the bridge must be checked and taken care of.

Material of the lens

After deciding upon the frame, the material used to make the lens is to be selected. Mostly the lenses which are made of trivex or polycarbonate are best suited for children, as they are less prone to breakage. They provide extra safety and are comparatively more resistant to the impacts. These lenses also come with a built-in UV rays protection, thus providing extra comfort and safety to your eyes.


Hence, the choosing of proper lens for your child is an important task. Proper selection would help your child to concentrate more on the tasks that he does and not worry much about the glasses that he/she wears. The glasses also add up to the esteem of the children and they can carry themselves with confidence.

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