Phosphorus Leader in Genomics Launches a Saliva Test for Coronavirus

COVID-19 has created a worldwide pandemic and has taken millions of lives. One of the principal challenges presented by this virus is testing. Recently, genomics firm Phosphorus created a saliva test for COVID-19 that you can perform in your own home. After being trialed by the FDA, it has now been approved and is ready for prime time. Previous tests for the coronavirus have all been done by professionals in an approved lab. People have had to drive to that lab and wait in line while trying to maintain social distancing. This new saliva-based method of testing is more reliable and more convenient for patients.

About This Test

This test is similar to the one that Phosphorus Diagnostics performs. You spit in a small vial and mail it off to the laboratory. Phosphorus Genomics has experience doing this type of DNA isolation, and this method can mean reduced wait times and increased safety for consumers. Since you don’t need to leave your home, you never have to interact with people and risk getting the virus. The main problem that the FDA looked at was the fact that it is unsupervised. Since you are doing it in your home, you don’t have someone looking over your shoulder, ensuring that everything is done correctly. However, it is less intrusive, and it is also the second method of this type to be approved by the FDA.

Phosphorus Genomics

Innovation is at the heart of what Phosphorus Genomics does. It is a company that has innovated in genetics and genomics. It has created a DNA test that can tell you a plethora of information about yourself. This test takes the same format as the kit. You spit into a small vial and ship it off to the lab. They then do processing and DNA analysis to offer you deep insights into yourself. The company also provides DNA counseling, an essential part of learning about potential diseases you may need to worry about. This DNA information can also help you live a healthier, more optimal life. When you know about certain things that can affect you genetically, you can make adjustments that lead to better health outcomes for yourself and those around you.

Many people are using their genetic information to gain such insights and live the healthiest life possible. For example, people are using this information to learn about how to exercise in the optimal way. They get this information from Phosphorus Genomics and use it to better themselves. Phosphorus Diagnostics offers tremendous programs to those who know how to take advantage of them.

How the Coronavirus Has Impacted the World

The coronavirus test is one of many being used against the virus that has taken the world by storm. Starting in Wuhan, China, it spread to the rest of the world, and it has created a dangerous pandemic that has resulted in millions of deaths and billions in lost economic growth. The virus resulted in the shutdown of a significant part of the world economy and will continue to do so in the future. Most governments are working on a vaccine or potential cure that can stop this virus. The testing that Phosphorus Diagnostics is doing is only part of the equation to help rid the world of this virus.

About the Company

Phosphorus is a preeminent company in the DNA testing field. Its lab allows you to get DNA information about yourself. You send your information to the lab where it is sequenced, and a report is created in your name. You even have access to DNA counselors who can give you relevant insights to help you take control of your health. Phosphorus competes in this field against companies like 23andme, which offer a similar service to those looking for detailed genomic information and insight.

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