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Top 5 Advantages of Using Laser Hair Removal

Removing hairs is a time-consuming process for most of the people. While old methods such as tweezing, shaving and waxing are effective, but people nowadays need long-term solutions. Over a decade ago, technological progressions led to the creation of laser hair removal machines which can eliminate those problems and also provide long-term solutions for hair reduction. Laser hair removal is the fasted and growing method because of its effectiveness and ease.  Another reason for its increasing use is that it results in permanent hair reduction of the hair. The diode throws light at the target region at 800nm which is longer in terms of wavelength as compared to alexandrite or ruby lasers. Although, the longer wavelengths are no absorbed properly by melanin (the pigment which gives the skin its color), it does penetrate deeper into the epithelial cells (skin cells) owing to the tried and tested theory that “the longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration. The benefits of using laser hair removal include:


The key advantage of this treatment is a quick method which takes only 1/4th of a second and treat the hairs at around the same time. The laser treats an areas size of average quarter in one second. Smaller parts such as upper lips can even take less than a minute. Larger areas such as back and legs can take around 60 minutes.


Laser hair removal precisely aims hairs right down at the follicle. This is a specific advantage over intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal as the use of the laser makes it more suitable to treating people with dark skins. The accuracy also means you should get results earlier. Lasers offer greater efficiency than other methods. Laser hair removal helps in removing undesirable hair in affected areas only.


Laser hair removal offers the fastest solution for removing undesirable hair permanently. It can treat fairly wide areas of the affected part within few seconds. Smaller parts of the body such as the lower lip region can be worked upon in seconds, while broader body parts including the legs or back can be done in just about an hour

No Side effects

Before treatment make sure you inform your therapist of any medicines, you might be taking. There are no long-term side effects with laser. It’s totally safe. Right after treatment, the skin can sometimes become red or slightly itchy, but there is no need to worry as it fades away within 2 – 48 hours.

Get the Right Laser Hair Removal Machine

With so many lasers hair removal machines available, you need to match the right one to your skin. Try to select an actual laser machine which tend to give people the anticipated results. Find the best laser hair removal machine such as from SharpLight. The laser hair removal machines from SharpLight uses tier-one technology and offer more comfortable solutions. It offers a fast, painless and better treatment suitable for fair, medium and dark skin types.

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