Dental crowns

Dental crowns are caps made of porcelain,ceramic, or metal material that is usually cemented permanently on the surface of damaged teeth. They are designed to strengthen weakened and damaged teeth. The damage may be due to tooth decay, root canal, teeth breakage, and also in situations where fillings have not produced satisfactory results.

Importance of dental crowns

  • They enhance the appearance of a damaged tooth. Crowns are attractive and offer the best natural color match than other crown types. They are authentic recreations of natural teeth.
  • They strengthen weakened teeth. Crowns work beyond the basic dental fillings. It provides a cover for the damaged tooth and prevents it from wearing out.
  • Dental crowns restore the structure of the mouth. They are shaped to fill in the gaps left by broken teeth hence restoring your mouth structure and bite.
  • Are used to hold dental bridges together.
  • They restore the functionality of weakened teeth.

Dental crown services procedures in Melbourne

Porcelain crowns Melbourne are known to be the best, and many who have tried them have no regrets.

During this procedure, the dentist first takes the impression of the tooth they are preparing a crown for in measurements. The dentist must shape your teeth so that the crown will fit naturally.

When fixing, the crown encloses the area of the damaged tooth above the gum line and is customized to fit over the tooth.

Different types of dental crowns that you can choose from:

Porcelain or ceramiccrown

This is made of porcelain and is the best natural color match for your teeth. It can be fixed in front and back teeth and is suitable for people who are allergic to metallic crowns. Porcelain crowns Melbourne can be a solution to your teeth problems.

Resin composite crown

This is made of resin material, is cheaper than porcelain crown, but does not last for a long time. Its chances of fracturing are also high.

Metal crown

Is made of heavy metal like gold or platinum. It is not prone to breaking or chipping and withstands hard biting. It does not wear down quickly, and it is the best type of dental crown.

Stainless steel crown

Made from stainless steel, and it is most useful in children as it doesn’t require a lot of visits to the dentist to put in place. It encloses the tooth and protects it from further decay. It can be used for temporary and permanent situations.

Do dental crowns damage your teeth?

Dental crowns or veneers do not damage your teeth, and if anything, they enhance your teeth’ functionality. It is important to seek the services of a professional dentist who will show you images of veneer before and after procedures, and this will direct you towards making the right decision.

They are used to enhance the appearance of flawed teeth. They are beautiful and have proven to be an efficient way of restoring good looking teeth.

The dentist will take X-rays and fully examine your teeth before he/she carries out any procedure. Through this, he/ she will be able to advise you if a dental crown or veneer is suitable for you, and if not, what other dental procedure will suit your teeth. This way, you will be able to choose the right option.

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