Snowboarding and Cannabis: Snowboarding While High on Marijuana

Over the years, the legalization of cannabis has taken trend. One by one, states are legalizing the herb. However, cannabis has brought about a lot of controversies in sports with many professionals in sports being disqualified after they test positive for cannabis. If you are a snowboarder and want to go snowboarding while high, make sure you know this very well. Here, you will read about what is about snowboarding, how to snowboard while high, and the scandal of Ross Rebagliati, a professional snowboarder.

Today, there are many dispensaries like Star Buds Commerce City selling different kinds of cannabis products. These products are used and consumed by people of different calibers. When it comes to snowboarding, there have been different cases associated with the illicit plant. The history of snowboarding and cannabis dates from the beginning of the sport up to now.

The Beginning of Snowboarding

Snowboarding started in 1960 by Sherman Poppen from Michigan. The design of the skis made from the beginning has been improving as time goes by. Through the 1970s the sport became common and more people would participate. Even with its great development, there are people who have found themselves in the strict hands of the law. For instance, Ross Rebagliat, a gold medalist was found positive of cannabis after a competition. The expert was stripped of his gold medal, accused of importing the drugs, and was arrested. Remember, during those times, cannabis was an illegal drug in most parts of the world.

Cannabis and Snowboarding

Far from the history of snowboarding, snowboarding and cannabis seem to have a strong link with many youths who like snowboarding using more of the drug. The fact that there are numerous cannabis dispensaries makes it even easier for them to obtain cannabis products. The link even goes higher on the advanced level of experts like Ross Rebagliat. On his way to becoming a champion in Whistler, Ross Rebagliat learned how to combine weed and snowboarding.

Within a short time, helped by weed and friends, Ross become the top champion of snowboarding. He was later arrested during the 1998 Olympics after testing positive for the drug even after staying clean for over ten months. Although he felt the urge to continue professional snowboarding, he felt that his dreams were overshadowed by the cannabis controversial story behind him. Today, the gold medalist is building his legacy. He is building a cannabis company intended to focus on the marijuana lifestyle and selling cannabis-related products. You will also come across snowboards branded his name.

Now, is it possible to imitate the world-class champions of snowboarding and do snowboarding while high? Even if you can access weed from the best in Commerce City CO, you need to know that snowboarding when stoned is dangerous. In fact, even snowboarders who do it in their sober state are faced with various dangers. Even if getting stoned improves creativity, many people have reported that it impairs their judgment. So, before you get on the board when high, make sure you are an expert snowboarder first.


If you are not used to snowboarding, it is recommended you get stoned after snowboarding. Using cannabis can impair your judgment, and unless you are a skilled person, you expose yourself to a lot of dangers that could cost your life.

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