What Will You Learn In a HypnoBirthing Class?

Like most people, you might have heard horror stories about childbirth and how agonizing the whole experience can be. While it is true that it is beyond anyone’s control to know what will happen when the big day finally arrives, you can do lots of things to prepare for it.

If your biggest fear is pain, you should consider enrolling in a hypnobirthing class that teaches expectant mothers how to manage labor and achieve a pain free birth. Taking such classes from early on in your pregnancy can significantly impact how you deal with labor and reduce the need for pain relief medications during childbirth.

In this post, we discuss some of the essential lessons you will learn in a HypnoBirthing class.

1.     Letting go of your fears

Perhaps, the most significant lesson you will be taught in a Hypnobirthing class is how to overcome fear and anxiety.  Keep in mind that birthing is a natural process that your body is well prepared to handle. However, when you cannot overcome fear and anxiety, pain is inevitable.

When you enroll for Hypnobirthing classes, you will learn how to remain relaxed and calm in the lead up to childbirth. Your tutor will guide you through the process of identifying your fears or negative opinions you hear about delivery and how to deal with them.

You will learn how you can actively let go of your fears and anxiety and how you can take control of the situation to achieve a pain free birth.

2.     Trusting your partner

Hypnobirthing teaches couples that birthing is not a one-person show. Instead, it is a shared experience between them, and it is essential to establish that trust and bond long before your expected delivery date.

You will learn how to count on your partner at that difficult time while your partner will be taught some of the essential things he needs to do to make the situation better.  You will even be encouraged to sit down with your partner and come up with a birth plan together so he can act and make some of the crucial decisions on your behalf.

3.     Creating a peaceful birth environment

To experience a memorable birthing experience, you will need everything to be perfect. The environment plays a critical role in ensuring you achieve that goal.

Hypnobirthing adopts the principle that you should always follow your instincts when creating a peaceful environment that promotes intimacy and privacy during childbirth.

You will be taught how to achieve low lighting, quiet setting, warm temperature, and soothing smells to create a perfect environment for your delivery.

4.     The wave theory

The “wave” theory is always an important lesson in every Hypnobirthing class. The reasoning behind the theory is pretty simple. During the first stage of labor, you will typically be at home in a more comfortable and familiar environment.

However, as the contractions become fast and thick, you need to rush in a birthing facility. At this point, you might start feeling anxious and fearful.

This is where the “wave” theory comes into play. Instead of “fighting and resisting” the change, you need to “dive” into it because it is crucial for muscle relaxation during childbirth.

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