Is Hair Transplantation The Best Option For Hair Re-Growth?

Cosmetic procedures were earlier embraced mostly by the celebs and the high profile personalities but now it has become a widely available procedure. Now it has been well accepted and every year lots of patients fulfil their dream by growing hair on the bald head.

India has become a prime destination for hair transplant for plenty of reasons including the practising renowned hair transplant surgeons in the country, cost effective procedure and world class international standards and facilities. Hair transplant in Jaipur has especially gained limelight because of the astonishing hair transplant services in the city by few hair transplant clinics. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur is also very affordable despite the international level of services present in the city.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is basically a minimally invasive surgical procedure which is performed by taking out or extracting the hair grafts from the respective areas of the body which recruits permanent hair roots and then these hair roots are carefully transplanted at the recipient bald area.

Hair transplant procedures needs your own hairs to be successfully performed and can be an option only when you have hairs at the donor area. Other terms and conditions for confirming the candidature for the hair transplant procedure can be ruled out during primary consult by hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure takes around 4 – 8 hours to be performed in single session. There are multiple steps associated with the procedure including:

  1. Administration of local anaesthesia at the donor area and the recipient site
  2. Harvesting or extraction of the hair grafts from the donor site carefully
  3. Preparation of the slits at the transplantation site
  4. Transplantation of the hair grafts at the bald area
  5. Post operative instructions and follow up

After the hair transplant procedure the physical recovery takes approximately 7 – 10 days followed by which there no maintenance is required to grow the newly transplanted hairs. The hair follicles undergo hair growth following the same hair growth cycle as the other existing hairs. The complete hair growth takes up to a year when you can judge your hair transplant outcomes.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is among the leading hair transplant clinic in India which is well known for its hair transplant outcomes with high success rate. We care for every hair follicle we harvest and make sure the excellence of outcomes with minimal hair graft damage. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in India whose skills are exemplary and impeccable. Our team is the biggest and best in India which strives for scope for improvement with every case.

So if you wish to have the best outcomes from hair transplant, you can visit us at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur.

Is hair transplant a regenerative option or restorative treatment?

Most of the patients ask us whether the hair they lost would be back by this procedure or not. This is a very common misconception among the people regarding the procedure that hair transplant includes regenerating the hairs they have lost once in the process of hair loss.

Actually hair transplant procedure is a restorative procedure which involves transfer of the hair follicles from other locations of your own body where permanent roots reside to the bald area. This procedure surely cannot regenerate you hairs back which are once lost. There is no procedure developed by now which can regenerate the hair follicles on the bald area by now. But hopefully magic of stem cells would work in the future when the medical science would be able to regenerate the hairs back.

Is hair transplant the best option?

Yes, for sure hair transplant is the most effective procedure for hair loss issue for those who are the right candidate for the procedure. There are many advantages of the procedure over other treatment modalities including:

  1. Hair transplant procedures offers permanent results unlike other temporary treatment modalities.
  2. Hair transplant offers extremely natural looking hairline using the right approach and the right technique.
  3. Hair transplant is a hassle free procedure which does not need high maintenance for growing the hairs and the hair growth occurs just like the other existing hairs.
  4. Hair transplant procedures does not cause any sort of morbidity after the procedure is done and patient can resume their work immediately.
  5. The procedure does not offer any sort of complications except for the very few and mild short lived ones.
  6. The hair transplant procedure is painless and now with the advanced techniques can be performed providing almost invisible scarring.
  7. These procedures have long term benefits as if judiciously performed the procedure can provide multiple sittings as a solution for future hair loss.

So if you are planning to undergo hair transplant and are confused about the reliability of the procedure, we assure you to have assures successful and satisfactory hair transplant outcomes.


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