Best Parenting Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Parenting is an arduous undertaking and with a generation gap already in place between a child and parents, it is hard to connect and relate with them. When one can’t relate to their child, it gets difficult to nurture and teach them lessons. Plus, with digital connectivity on the rise, kids are increasingly becoming lost in the sea of digital media and long to remain solitary. This brings an added challenge to the already challenging relationship as parents attempt to penetrate the walls of solitude built around their children in order to understand and connect with them.

If technology is an obstacle, it can also assist parents in filling the gaping void between them and their children. Parental controls are one of the important tools to protect your child from the dark side of the online world without hovering over their shoulder 24/7. If you are a Mediacom customer, then the internet security facilities are free; just contact the Mediacom cable customer service to determine their availability and on how to activate it.

Now that your child’s online security is foolproof, let us discover some amazing apps that will help make the task of parenting easier as you discover ways to manage your parenting responsibilities and connect with your children, regardless of their age.

Cozi Family Organizer 

As the name suggests, the Cozi Family Organizer app is a dependable organization solution for parents as they manage and maintain their kid’s routines and organize kids or home-related chores such as kid’s dentist appointments, grocery shopping, dinner plans, and everything.

The app comes feathered with splendid organizing features like to-do lists and Calendar that can be synced across mobile devices of your entire family so everyone knows what’s next on the agenda and is available for their appointment. The app lets a family connect with each other everywhere as they create and share notes, to-do lists, and timetables.

Available on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

News-O-Matic EDU 

Want your child to spend their time online learning something useful? Then get the News-O-Matic EDU app. It is a subscription-based learning platform, which daily publishes informative blogs, articles, and news across a range of interesting topics, from space adventures and ancient history to sports and fashion. The content is written in a fun, creative, and interactive manner so the most unenthusiastic kid is coaxed into engaging in hours-long reading. Moreover, the platform does not only serve as a daily newspaper for your child, but introduces a bunch of creative games, tools, and technologies to improve your child’s learning capacity and foster their inventiveness.

The content at News-O-Matic is regularly reviewed by child psychologists to ensure their suitability for children, and discover appropriate terminology to address sensitive issues.

Available for Android and iOS devices.

KidzGrow – The Child Development App

Help your kids grow with the KidzGrow app. The app helps kids, from ages 0-6 years, acquire and develop five types of skills i.e. cognitive skills, speech-language skills, social skills, gross motor skills, and fine motor skills, through a multitude of ingenious activities and practical lessons.

Moreover, parents can keep up with their child’s progress across different skills via regular activity reports. The app is a great platform to not only help your child develop important skills, but also connect with you as some activities require your assistance outside the app. Parents and guardians are provided guidelines over how to proceed with activities along with their kids.

Available at Android and iOS

PaintPad Space School Edition

Get your kids to channel the artist in them on this digital painting platform. PaintPad app saves  parents from spending on expensive art supplies, which kids handle with an unceremonious attitude that parents find frustrating. This digital platform has every tool necessary for an artist in the making, and kids don’t need to have a flair for art to operate the app. The app is very easy to use as children are given a multitude of activities to perform, particularly entailing object coloring in their preferred pattern.

The app is used in many childcare centers, pre-schools, and playschools to help children get in touch with their creativity and utilize technology in a productive manner. Moreover, parents and teachers can determine a child’s interest level and assist them appropriately.

Available for iOS devices only.

PBS Parents Play & Run – Kid Development Tracker

What can be the best way to foster a bond with your kids than to play games with them? Today’s children are exceedingly fond of online gaming platforms. So the PBS Parents Play & Run app provides a mutual ground for both, children and parents, to play and connect over a range of fun-fueled games. The family-based theme in the games helps parents teach life skills and the importance of their contribution to household chores such as gardening, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, etc.

Moreover, the app boasts ten different interactive level games for different age groups as they help teach life skills and math in a fun manner. The apps give stickers and rewards for their progress and parenting tips, and an array of new activities and games every day.

Available for Android devices only.

Winnie – Daycare, Preschool & Parenting

Parenting is an unchartered territory; every day there is a new challenge hovering over the horizon, no matter their years of child-rearing experience or academic qualifications. So parents need any sort of assistance they can get, and the Winnie app is one such platform that packs all-in-on childcare solutions. Whether you want parenting or pregnancy tips, advice over a particular subject matter, finding a good daycare center or playschool, or connecting with other parents, the app has it all.

So if you have stumbled upon a parenting tip that has made your life easier, share it with other parents on the app. Whenever you feel overwhelmed in the new parenting world, contact other like-minded parents, and have a discussion. In addition, the app helps you find all local child-related services such as parks, schools, playgrounds, daycare centers, family-friendly restaurants, and other places suggested by fellow parents.

Available on Android devices.

Final Word

When your kids are born in the digital age, you must find digital avenues to connect, understand, and teach your kids to navigate the new world safely. So utilize these apps and make your life as a parent much easier.

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