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Is Invisalign Clear Braces Best For You? Know If You Are Really A Good Candidate For It!

Metal braces were once the only way to straighten teeth. However, today you have got a great alternative to it and that is Invisalign! In fact, it is becoming more and more popular in dental world.

Invisalign is completely different with clear plastic trays fitted over your lower or upper rows of teeth. These trays are termed as aligners that move your teeth gently to desired positions. However, how do you know whether it can be best suited to you too? Well, read on and know if you are good candidate for it!

Assess your needs and know what you actually want to fix

This is one of the major determinants to know if invisible braces are a right treatment for you. Invisalign may prove to be a bit difficult treatment for fixing cases that are severe. For the problems like huge overbites, more of the advanced processes might be required for shifting the jaw. If the case is not too severe, the following is a list of scenarios for which Invisalign can be used.

  • Over-bite – It is when upper front teeth normally cover almost all of lower front teeth. Sometimes, it is even termed as deep bite.
  • Cross-bite – It is when the teeth overlap in certain places.
  • Gapped teeth – It is when there is an ample of space between the teeth.
  • Under-bite – It is opposite of the overbites. It is when upper front teeth are covered with lower ones.
  • Crowded teeth – It is when there isn’t sufficient space in mouth.

What is your age?

Invisalign is ideal for adults and older teenagers. Young teenagers and children aren’t always good candidates for this treatment since their teeth are growing. Its transparency makes them perfect for adults and older teenagers. After all, prom pictures, dating, etc requires them to have best smiles, right?

Your dedication towards fixing your smile

Invisalign is comparatively easier than other options. However, you can easily remove the braces and this option makes it different than other orthodontics. You need to remove these aligners whenever you drink and eat. Most of the orthodontists instruct their patients for wearing retainer after removing braces shortly. Some of the patients neglect this post-treatment obligation. So, if you aren’t completely dedicated to this treatment, you won’t get desired results.

The above guide is just starting point. You should first schedule a consultation with a right dental professional to know more about it!

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