Simple Habits To Improve Back And Spine Health

Our back supports our entire body weight and provides support and structure. People with good back health accomplish their everyday tasks easily without the risk of injury or pain. Often, we neglect our spinal structure while lifting or sitting, which puts enormous pressure on the back. This leads to the development of chronic pain and injuries, which hampers routine activities. Moreover, frequent visits to therapists and orthopedics can cost you a fortune. Therefore, to avoid all these unwarranted troubles, it is best to keep your back and spine in good shape. Here are some simple habits to put your back in good shape.

Ensure proper lifting

Every day we come across a situation where we have to move a heavy object or arrange some heavy materials. While handling such objects, we often ignore our form and posture, which puts exorbitant pressure on the spine.

When we bend down to lift something, our back is in a vulnerable position. Therefore, always ensure that you keep your back straight and lift with your legs and hamstrings. Usually, people only engage their upper body while lifting a heavy object, which is dangerous for the spinal structure.

Additionally, if you feel uncomfortable with the weight, just get some help instead of giving in to your ego. Also, if you love hitting the gym, ensure that you use safety belts for correct form and posture. Always consult a trainer to perform the exercises in a safe manner.

Keep your BMI in check

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. This is an indicator of healthy weight according to your height and age. You can calculate your BMI on popular health websites like Health Report Live and get an idea about your maintenance calories.

There are three indicators on the BMI scale: underweight, normal, and overweight. Underweight and Overweight situations are very dangerous because you get prone to diseases and injuries.

Being overweight is especially dangerous for the spine because it puts high pressure on the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and joints in the back. This adversely affects the spinal structure and can lead to chronic pain and inflammation.

Get proper sleep

Sleeping is a crucial part of back health. Good night’s sleep is important for our overall health too. This is the time when our body makes the necessary repairs and aids in recovery. Minor tissue injuries are easily repaired by our body, and it does not let it aggravate.

Also, try to sleep on your side because sleeping on the stomach exposes the spinal structure. The back experiences uneven pressure in the stomach position, which can lead to back problems in the long term. Additionally, choose your mattress wisely. Ensure that your mattress is evenly aligned and your back doesn’t arch on it.

Stretching is important

Stretch before you start your workout regime. Stretching relaxes all the muscles and puts joints in a better shape.

Also, stretching helps in warming up your body before an explosive workout. Additionally, static stretches help in strengthening your back, which is a bonus in the long term.

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