5 BOTOX® Aftercare Tips For Your Face

If you are thinking about undergoing BOTOX or you have recently undergone the process. Then this article is worth reading. We are here with the five botox® aftercare tips for your face. We hope you will like this article as it will guide you.

1. Avoid Rubbing Your Face

After injections, you will feel irritation, and it’s natural. All of us have trouble areas somewhere on our skin. And when the BOTOX is injected, it reacts to that area. You must be really careful when you have undergone the BOTOX treatment and do not touch the area.

Even do not apply pressure for at least 24 hours. This is because there are chances that you will move the dosage from one place to another. So, if you will touch areas, then you can have problems like muscle damage or movement.

Suppose you want to keep your face in one shape that you exactly want. Then do not touch your face.

2. Exercising

The best part of BOTOX treatment is it’s just like visiting your doctor on a daily basis without any specific scheduling. You will just go to an appointment and spend the rest of the day the way you want to. There is no pain or discomfort, and it means that you can do work as you were doing before.

But soreness can happen for a couple of days after the BOTOX treatment. You must avoid doing a workout in 24 hours after you undergo BOTOX treatment. Even after 24 hours, you must do only light exercise for a couple of days.

3. Sleep

Sleep is necessary. But try to be careful while sleeping and do not sleep on the areas that are treated. You have to stay in a specific position if you do not want to disturb the dose and let it work properly.

It can be hard for you, but you can get the worst reactions if you do not care about it. The dose has to settle, and if you put pressure on the injected area, the dose will more likely move from that place to some other place.

4. Taking Pain Killers

Almost no one gets the muscle pain after the BOTOX treatment. But some of you might get slight pain after the treatment. The pain disappears just in few hours or few days. But suppose you have a bit of severe pain and you want to eat pain killer. Then you must ask your doctor first.

The doctors will most probably recommend you the numbing cream to dab on the surfaces. But you must try to avoid painkillers. You can also apply an ice pack on areas but consult a doctor first.

5. Facial Exercises

After 24 hours, you must know to start doing exercises gently. Facial exercises are necessary. All you have to do is make natural facial expressions. The expressions you can make are smile, grin or frown, etc. But do not do any strenuous exercise that will affect the dose and your muscles.

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