Tips to create your hygiene kit for home

Of all the daily activities health and hygiene form the crest or peak of the graph to keep all the germs and infections at bay.That is why it is rightly said: “Hygiene is the way to healthy and happyLife”.

The present-day situation demands a phenomenal focus on health and hygiene activities to keep youand your family healthy.Every family should prepare a hygiene kit at home to disinfect germs.This kit should not be limited to your hygiene but also to keep the living space and surroundings clean.How to create this hygiene kit? Let us discuss useful tips to create this hygiene kit at home.

The hygiene kit should include an antibacterial soap for disinfecting your hands,shampoo for cleaning your hair,liquid soap to be kept near the washbasin,nail cutters, wax buds for ears,sanitizer bottles,amask for protection,tissue papers, and paper napkins.

All the above activities are important; however, hand washing needs to be performed, several times in a day for which liquid soap is very essential.Hand washing keeps the germs away and stops the spread of infections.Hand washing should be performed systematically to maintain good hygiene.Let us take a look at hand washing steps.

  • Hand washing steps

  • Use running water from the tap to clean your hands.
  • Never use soiled or dirty water for hand cleaning.
  • Rub your hands thoroughly on both sides.
  • Make use of antibacterial soap to wash your hands.
  • Rub both your hands with soap and water for at least 40 seconds.
  • After washing hands use a clean towel or paper napkin to dry your hands.

  • Liquid soap

Liquid soap forms one of the important thingsof a hygiene kit.Liquid soap not only cleans the dirt from your hands but also wash off the viruses and bacteria from your hands to keep away the diseases.It would be more appropriate to use antibacterial liquid soap that kills 99.9% of the germs residing in your hands.We consume food and water with hands.Thus the use of antibacterial liquid soap becomes mandatory to eliminate the viruses and bacteria and keep your hands clean to lead a healthy life.

  • Floor and living space cleaning steps

Our feet carry innumerable germs when we return home from outside.We move around the house and soil the floor transferring germs from our feet to floor.

Floor sweeping and mopping is the practice followed for hundreds of years to sanitize and make the space free from germs, viruses, and bacteria.Only water is not enough for cleaning the germs and viruses from the floor.Few drops of Dettol surface disinfectant mixed with water to clean the floor helps in sanitization.Thus a bottle of Dettol surface disinfectant in the home hygiene kit always helps to keep your surroundings clean.

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