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Eat Comfortably Again: Dental Implants for All Ages

When you have painful dental issues, eating can become a terrible chore. The pain often keeps you from enjoying your favourite foods. Decay can lead to extremely damaged teeth that may need to be removed. Sometimes teeth are also lost due to injury or aging. The loss of only one tooth can lead to difficulties with speech or eating. Individuals who suffer the loss of many teeth often have to severely limit their diet. Implants can help restore a more normal lifestyle in both young and elderly patients.

The Consultation

When you first begin thinking about options for dealing with your missing tooth, you may have a consultation appointment with your dental specialist. During this discussion time, you need to ask questions that can help you with your decision. You may also like to know more about the doctor’s credentials and experience with dental implants. Most professionals are happy to answer questions so you are comfortable with the experience. This consultation can also help you decide if you have chosen the right doctor or if you need to find a different one.

Preparing the Foundation

Once you commit to receiving implants, you start with having the bone in your jaw prepared for them. The foundation pieces must be placed where the roots of your tooth used to be. Over time, your bone remodels around these and adds stability. This is the lengthiest part of the procedure, yet it is well worth the effort. Your second part of the implant are the “teeth”. These screw in on the foundation pieces, allowing you to enjoy a renewed smile. There are some great options for dental implants in Canberra.


There are many benefits to getting implants. Traditional options, such as dentures, are far more uncomfortable and require a lot of maintenance. Many people still have limited diets when they use dentures, as they are not as secure. Implants are anchored into your bone, making them extremely stable. You can enjoy many more foods and remain confident in your appearance as well. Young people that lose teeth to sports injuries are great candidates for the procedure, as well as older patients with tooth loss.

Implants are a great way to improve comfort after the loss of a tooth. Sometimes the gums are more prone to injury without a tooth to hold the place. Eating can be quite frustrating when you have few foods to choose from as well. Your teeth also play a large part in speech. Take the time to learn more about this option today.

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