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Treat Varicose Veins with the Help of EVLA Procedure for Quick Results

Many people suffer due to problems related to varicose veins. This is a symptom where the veins get large and swollen up in your leg or feet. When blood doesn’t flow properly due to the problem in valves then there can be swelling which is seen after some time. Although it isn’t necessary to treat it, but when it starts hurting, aching or there is discomfort then proper medication is suggested.

There are many reasons for varicose veins –

  • Due to pregnancy when you start gaining weight and don’t walk much then your blood circulation is improper.
  • Obesity is the main reason for varicose veins.
  • Leg ache, spider veins and swollen ankles are some symptoms of this problem.

When pain is acute and it starts bothering the patient then treatment like surgery, litigation and stripping, sclerotherapy is used. However, one treatment which is quick and doesn’t take much time to heal is the EVLA process. Endovenous laser therapy is done through a thread like catheter which is inserted into the veins and laser is passed. The thread is taken to the top of the vein and using heat, the vein is sealed.

EVLA process is quite renowned treatment, but not all medical hospitals assist you with laser therapy. Hence, if you need a good doctor for laser treatment you should always search online for Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) near me which will give you the list of all doctors who can assist in the best manner. To be sure, you can always read reviews of all patients that have visited once.

Here are some benefits of EVLA process –

  • This process doesn’t require any operation, but just local anesthesia is enough which will help in laser therapy in the clinic anytime. This means you’ll not feel uneasy or nauseous after local anesthesia, but you would surely need a backup who can take you back home from the clinic.
  • Recovery is faster than expected, unlike surgery or litigation and stripping process which requires complete bed rest for at least a week. In EVLA, a person can start their daily work next day of the treatment, but will surely have to keep regular checkup on track.
  • After ablation, there can be minor pain or discomfort which will go away with time. If you still want you can always take medication from your doctor to avoid any kind of interference in your work due to pain.
  • The process is quite fast and an efficient doctor will not take more than 45 minutes, no matter how complicated the problem is. You may not see the swelling disappearing immediately, but with time they start dissolving and eventually absorbed by the body.
  • There isn’t any worry of side effects or infection because this intravenous treatment is safe for all skin and blood type.

Do not jump to any conclusion immediately, but it is safe to do your homework well. Contact your friends and family to find the right doctor for this treatment. Although your dear ones will be able to help, still you need to check reviews online about the doctor to get assurance. Choose the right and updated method to lead a peaceful and painless life.

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