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Connecting Your Personal Health And Toilets

You may not have thought about this, but every time you go to the bathroom, you expose yourself to a lot of different kinds of germs. Yes. It is true.

You may not see all the germs and not think about it since you don’t get any allergies or feel sick from going to the bathroom. But what if you could? What do you expect to see on the sink and the toilet? Have you ever thought of that? You’d get a glimpse of all the bacteria and germs surrounding you most especially in public bathrooms!

Here’s a fun fact. Every day when you flush your toilet with the lid up, the germs tend to come out from the toilet and go to the air. They stay airborne long enough to go to the sinks, countertops and even to your toothbrush! So think before you put your toothbrush in the toilet.

Guard Yourself Against Germs

If you want to keep yourself guarded against germs, it’s best to start with your bathroom. A lot of studies say that your computer and phones have a lot more microbes than your toilet. It may be true, but you also expose yourself to harmful germs found in the bathroom every single day. Think of all the times you use the bathroom in one day. That’s why you have to keep this part of your house disinfected and cleaned.

However, not all germs found in the bathroom are considered to be harmful. But the bad ones that are found here can affect your health and cause nausea, colds, diarrhea, and vomiting. These germs are also sometimes the reason why you are suddenly not feeling well.

When it comes to fecal matter and the bacteria coming from it, it is one of those harmful bacteria mentioned above. Whenever you have diarrhea or frequently visit the toilet to release bacteria such as rotavirus, Norovirus, or E. Coli, these stay in the air even though you flushed the toilet.

Always Have a Sanitary Bathroom Experience

Aside from ensuring to have a germ free toilet, you might want to try having a Kohler Toilet Seats that offers beneficial features. These kinds of toilet seats have a smart technology which gives you a satisfying, sanitary and smart bathroom experience. And if you have limited mobility and seniors in the house, this toilet seat provides them with adjustable water pressure and temperature with the use of a remote control. Keep yourself away from germs and get the best toilet seat for better health.


Maintain good health when you have a good prevention habit. Flush the toilet with the lid down. Also, air out your bathroom after showering and lastly, don’t share towels. Disinfect your toilet using a toilet bowl cleaner that contains the sodium hypochlorite. Getting sick will cost you money, effort and time so always stay healthy and germ-free. Don’t let the germs get in your way by following the tips above. Cheers.

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