What are the benefits of PRP therapy?

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections or PRP therapy is an increasingly popular treatment alternative for a wide array of conditions. These consist of injections of your own blood meant to help your body heal from within. And since it can be used as an anti-aging cosmetic procedure, you might want to learn more about its benefits. So, if you’re thinking about having PRP therapy in Calgary, here are some of the leading advantages!

PRP and facial rejuvenation

If you’re not sure whether to get PRP therapy in Calgary, you should know that this is an efficient non-surgical procedure for facial rejuvenation. Plasma is injected into the desired area, and it starts a regenerative phase in the skin. As a result, the skin boosts vascularity produces collagen and elastin, restoring the youthful appearance. The PRP facelift treatment can make your skin look healthier and younger several months after the treatment.

PRP and dark circles

Dark circles under your eyes can have numerous causes, including sleep deprivation and genetic predispositions. With the help of PRP therapy, you can get this problem under control. Keep in mind that this won’t provide instant results. The plasma stimulates the skin and encourages regenerative processes. It will take a while before your dark circles are removed.

PRP and hair restoration

Another worth mentioning benefit of PRP therapy is its ability to help with hair restoration. Studies reveal that it can encourage hair follicles to function while restoring thinning hair. PRP boosts hair follicles, and in time it can help you regrow your hair. Remember that PRP therapy thickens hair rather than growing it from a bald spot.

PRP and tendon injuries

For numerous years the main usage of PRP therapy was in healing injuries. If PRP is injected in slowly healing tissue, it can speed up the healing process. Chronic tendon issues like tennis elbow or jumper’s knee are rapidly managed with PRP treatments.

PRP and osteoarthritis

PRP therapy in Calgary can help you manage osteoarthritis. This is a painful condition that can interfere with your daily tasks. But if PRP is injected into the knees, it can be more efficient than other traditional methods. Studies reveal that the quality of life can be significantly improved only after a couple of treatments.

The bottom line

PRP is all about using your blood’s healing power. It isn’t difficult or demanding, making it a suitable option for most patients. It can offer impressive benefits by promoting cellular function, including tightening of the skin and boost in skin elasticity. Still, it would be best if you discussed with your practitioner whether or not PRP therapy in Calgary is recommended for you. Some health problems like thrombocytopenia might not make you qualified for this treatment.

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