Can Emu Oil Reduce Muscle Pain?

To relieve pain, there are a lot of techniques and products that we can use. One of the main products, for example, are painkillers, as well as anesthetics which are responsible for numbing pain by blocking the biochemical processes responsible for it.

In addition to these drugs, such as lidocaine, we can find other natural remedies which offer us the same or similar results without the side effects of the drugs. That is why here we will talk about the benefits of emu oil for pain relief.

What is emu oil?

The first thing we must know before obtaining the benefits of this oil, such as reducing muscle pain. It is necessary to know what emu oil is as one of the most important naturist discoveries in recent years, according to various media.

Emu oil is obtained from the fatty tissue, or fat, of a species of bird of the same name, that is, the emu. This thanks to the fact that said flightless bird has a generous layer of fat which allows obtaining an oil rich in minerals and benefits.

Although the consistency of said oil can vary depending on both the diet and the breeding of said bird, the benefits are the same. Thus, we can find from oil with a creamy texture and a whitish color to a more sticky and liquid yellow color with a rather mild flavor.

For its production, without affecting the population of this endemic bird of Australia, you should know that emu oil is produced on farms. This allows to obtain different degrees of purity and refinement which makes this oil perfect for different types of uses such as healing sore muscles.

Emu oil for pain relief

Often referred to in the same category as lidocaine, or natural treatments like arnica, emu oil could have many benefits. Many users claim that emu oil helps relieve back pain, for example.

According to some naturopathic studies, the greasy consistency of emu oil makes it perfect for massage as a pain relief cream. Similarly, thanks to its high content of fatty acids, and its anti-inflammatory property, we can find that just by smearing this oil, and doing a massage, we can reduce inflammation.

By reducing the inflammation, it is possible to reduce the pressure on the area, which causes the nerves to release tension and stop emitting pain signals. In addition, it has relaxing properties which help sore muscles to recover, for example, after an exercise session.

One of the more established brands providing these types of products is Blue-Emu and it’s Spanish counterpart, Alivio Sin Olor. The latter brand manufactures what’s known as crema de aceite de emú in Spanish, as emu oil cream has a number of profound and useful properties to treat muscular and joint pain.

Benefits of emu oil

Anti-inflammatory properties

As we already mentioned, one of the main characteristics of emu oil is the fact that it manages to have anti-inflammatory properties. That is, with just spreading you can reduce the inflammation responsible for back pain or muscle pain.

Helps to slows hair loss

Its high content of fatty acids such as omega 9 makes this flightless bird oil generate a lot of benefits for hair. Its richness in nutrients and minerals allows the hair to thicken and become more resistant, thus preventing it from falling out.


Skin benefits

Most of the benefits of emu oil focus on its high fat content. In this case we can also find that the presence of oleic acid, linolenic acid and linoleic acid help to delay skin aging, reduce wrinkles and remove skin blemishes.

Supports in lowering cholesterol

That’s right, although it seems strange, eating or taking oil from this bird can have many benefits for your health, especially for cholesterol. Its high content of Omega 6, 3 and 9 help to eliminate cholesterol from the veins and dispose of it from the body.

How to use emu oil

  • Spread: As with cream to relieve pain, emu oil can be spread. This is ideal for massages, for example to help with back pain or muscle pain. The concentration is usually liquid so that the oil slips better.
  • In the kitchen: Another use that is gaining enough strength is in the kitchen because thanks to its high content of omega 3, 6 and 9 and its mild flavor, this is perfect for cooking, replacing vegetable oils of all kinds.
  • Capsules: Just as it is marketed in liquid form to relieve sore muscles, this oil is sold liquid to drink. And is that as we mentioned, we can use it to reduce blood cholesterol by taking a tablespoon every so often. This will also give us benefits such as a large amount of nutrients.
  • Creams: Finally, we can find that emu oil can be marketed in the form of creams mixed with other types of ingredients. This makes this oil really versatile as it happens with other traditional medicines like lidocaine. Thus, we can find options for all needs.

Take advantage of the full potential of emu oil

Emu oil has many benefits, with very few contraindications or effects compared to products like other types of medications. That is why said oil is gaining great relevance in different sectors of the population, as well as for different uses.

It is time for you to take advantage of all these kinds of benefits just by buying your oil, so you can reduce muscle pain and even headaches or stomach inflammation with a 100% natural product. Of course, take care that the concentration is ideal, as well as being as natural as possible.

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