First time sex tips for pleasurable experience

Having sex for the first time can be a bit overwhelming and scary too, especially if you are a naïve person. Regardless of the gender, every virgin faces the same frenzied and mixed emotions before losing their V-card. Many surveys from all over the world have shown that people who had their first time sex in haste failed to experience the mix of pain and pleasure that comes with losing the virginity.

Having sex for the first needs more patience and foreplays as compared to other time sex. This is what most people ignore, especially you are an experienced person in intimacy and your lover is equally naïve and down to earth.

So, does this mean that your pair is not suitable to have a deeper, intimate connection?

No, obviously not because feeling pleasure during the first time sex is everyone’s right. So, to help you avoid discomfort and overcome your nervous state, we have unrevealed some of the ways in which you can make your first time the most pleasurable and unforgettable experience in your life.

Setting the right mood is very important

One of the major things that you have to ensure during your first time sex that a proper environment. For example, you can’t have your first time out in the backside pool during the day. You can’t even lose your virginity behind the closed doors when a party is going on downstairs. For this reason, you have to set the mood, which can be done only when you have the right ambiance, a bottle of chilled wine, a calming aroma in the room, and obviously, a slow but soft and sensual music.

Foreplays and control are everything in the first time sex

Man pro players usually don’t believe in the foreplays but, for those who are about to lose their virginity, foreplays are a way to comfort their worries and reduce their frenzied state. For female virgins, foreplays are must since that will excite you in the right way so that you wouldn’t feel an ounce of pain. As for the men, you will need that sense of control in the bedroom for feeling at ease during your first time.

Be vocal with your partner

In most of the lessons of sex education for adults, it has been said that for those having their first time, being vocal about their limitations and desires is very essential. Yes, we understand that during sex, body expressions are everything to know whether the person is satisfied or not. But, when you are having sex for the first time, your partner wouldn’t be able to understand your expressions. So, you will need words.

Always use condoms to evade the worry of pregnancy

Another important tip for your first time sex is that never forget to use protection. Even though there are many ways to prevent pregnancy, we think for your first time, using condoms will be perfect.


Many people like to pay attention to what others are saying and hence, they fail to calm themselves down, thereby failing to find pleasure during their first time sex. So, just be yourself, follow what we have described here, and then take the decision.

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